Acne is a human skin disorder that is common in today’s world. It is normally characterized by scaly red skin areas, black and white heads, pimples, and large papules and maybe scarring. Acne normally affects the skin part with dense population of sebaceous follicles such as the face, the chest’s upper part and mainly the back. The way it affects one in their body is very unpleasant that’s why one needs to be aware of the acne tips so as to get rid of them.

Acne is found to be common in an adolescent whom normally continues up to adulthood.  Acne in adolescence occurs due to overproduction of testosterones which is produced by both male and female during puberty. In most cases acne diminishes as one grows and will tend to disappear but for others it doesn’t and later becomes a problem to the individual. Acne can develop in severe form which is inflammatory or in non- inflammatory forms. Acne lesions are caused by changes in the pilosebaceous skin unit structures that contain hair follicle and sebaceous glands on to which they require androgen.

Apart from using acne products such as Acnezine and Benzyol peroxide which have proven to be successful in preventing breakouts of pimples due to their anti-oxidant and moisturizing effect respectively, the following acne tips that will help you in management and prevention of acne;

1:  Developing a habit of washing your face daily- regardless of your day to day activity, its important to wash your face at least twice a day using a suitable acne cleanser and avoiding those that are oily or alcoholic to avoid having a dry and tight skin after washing your face.

2:  Avoid touching your face unnecessarily with your hands- this is because our hands are always dirty and by avoiding touching your face then you will be preventing dirt and bacteria from clogging in the pores of your skin. This is one of the top acne tips that will also prevent other diseases affecting you.

3:  Should regularly shampoo your hair- this helps to reduce the dust that our hair collects during our activities and in addition to that, people with long hair should ensure that their hair is tied properly to avoid contact with the face.

4:  Wipe sweat- always wipe away the sweat that drips on your face to avoid acne by using mild facial cleanser so that you may get rid of the dirt and also the dried sweat.

5:  Avoid the use of granular facial scrub- granular facial scrub will only worsen the situation as it will lead to scarring and even reddening

6:  Avoid squeezing or even scratching of the acne however how much the pimple might be irritating, you should avoid scratching as it may lead to permanent scarring.

7:  Seek medical treatment as early as possible- this helps in avoiding of severe acne problems in future by seeing a dermatologist near you

8:  Regular exercise- when you do regular exercise you will be increasing the rate blood flow which helps in minimizing your stress levels that my cause acne

 This acne tips are surely the best and effective in managing and preventing acne that is more of facial problem because it also affect the mental health of a person.

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